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Typical crowdfunding problems. The rewards are so UNREWARDING.

at $15 you get a personal email from the director. who would care about this unless it was Steven Spielberg?

at $20 you get a signed poster from the cast/crew (signed by unknown names, yet again)

at $25 a page of the screenplay.... (sign ME up!)

at $50 a copy of the screenplay (which was already available at $10) and a personal letter from the same unknown director! (how this is different than an email I have no idea)

at $100 a special invitation to go watch the movie in the place it was made! (Be still my beating heart)

at $250... literally nothing different than what you've already received.

and so on and so on as the pledge is raised

People really need to do more research on successful crowdfunding techniques before they up and launch them

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