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Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
Starts a thread generalizing "most" filmmakers.
Calls us liars when posting our experiences.
Generalizes "most" members here.
Complains he is sick of the thread he started.
Takes ball and goes home.

I think the problem was, he was projecting this idea of a filmmaker hating his life. He must be going through something. Hope he can get out of this rut and return.

I always thought he was an alright dude. Perhaps he'll find his way.
I keep getting emails about this thread. I suppose I could go into my IT settings and change my email to something fake, which I've actually done before, but this hasn't risen to that level of drama that I need to do that yet. Key word being "yet".

Every time anyone replies to this thread I get an email notifying me of it. I live in the future, which means that every email I get interrupts the beautiful music I was listening to. So just stop responding to this thread. I want out. How can I make that any more clear?
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