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Originally Posted by AcousticAl View Post
Quite an assertion about folks you have never met face-to-face, much less worked with on professional sets.

Glad to know you’re so much better at this than the rest of us.
But I have met quite a few of the people who populate this forum, face-to-face. I've worked on other people's feature films. I've worked on other people's debut short films. And many other people worked on my debut feature film, all from relationships that we built through this very website. One member of this forum almost made a documentary about me. You're out of your league, AcoustiAl.

Tiny-budget filmmaking requires networking.

I'm so sick of this conversation. Joseph just needs to take some time to hang out with Joseph. Please, everyone, stop doing anything to keep me in this conversation. I want out. Please just let me out.

Edit: I'm done with this website. Best of luck to all. I've made friends with the people I want to make friends with. This is my last post, ever.

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