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Originally Posted by AcousticAl View Post
Iím still confused by the pretense of the OP.

Iíve worked with crews from NY to LA and points inbetween, and this has never been my experience. Iíve been on specific shoots where things were miserable, usually under conditions imposed by a terrible producer (TV) or director (film), but the morale on set or location in those cases has nothing to do with people who hate what they do but with a crew fed up with a poorly-run production.

I have worked shoots where we were constantly running into meal penalties (and a crafty table that did not sustain), and shoots where the producer simply didnít communicate with the crew and dragged us on with the only statement being something like ďI know what I want this to look like, so just keep up with meĒ. I was even working one shoot, a cooking demo, where the only food served to the crew was what came off the set... including a dish during which the chef cut her finger and kept on working with the same knife, board, and ingredients. I did not eat that day. These are mostly TV shoots, and the films I have worked on were organized and well-run. I love what I do, but I do hate working on sloppy productions.

Perhaps youíve just had an unfortunate string of bad experiences? But your assertion that ďmostĒ filmmakers hate their lives is a false premise.

Can you tell me what makes a terrible producer/director? I am going on floor for my first feature in a few months and producing it also, I'd like the tips.
And any other production basics? catering, transport, generator?

Thanks and cheers
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