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Sorry Velusion, I don't agree with blaming people who didn't dare to speak out.
The ones who did were destroyed with gossip, smeared as gold diggers or portrayed as junkies, so they were not only feeling ashamed of being a victim of sexual misconduct, but also embarrased in front of their friends and family.
So they were 'beaten' 3 times: firts when it happened, second time when they were not believed and the third time when their image was being destroyed.

Besides that: victims almost always feel ashamed of what happened. Partly that is due to constant victim blaming: rape victim? Your skirt was too short!

And even now, when the victims (mostly female, but indeed also male) dare to speak up, they are blamed for being silent up till now.

Either way: in this abuse of power, the victim always gets at least a part of the blame.

Going to the authorities: it is a logical thing to do.
But time and time again victims have not been believed or they were discredited.
People trying to warn against the powerfull predators were just not believed and proof is hard to provide in such cases.
With what we know now it is unbelievable they could go on.

Time and time again this has happened in history.
Just like it is unbelievable now that Jews warning about the death camps in 1942 were not believed for a long time. Because people have a hard time to imagine that such evil exists, whether it be industrial genocide or that fun guy you know or that amazing actor being a sexual predator. It just doesn't compute in our brain.

here in The Netherlands the most influential casting director of the national film industry (who was also a succesful producer and director) did exploit men. Mostly inexperienced actors were invited for 'private class'. Sneaky as he was he never touched them, but let them practise erotic scenes where they had to touch themselves.
Metoo gave many of those men the courage to speak out.
Word is that Yorrick van Wageningen never got a part in The Netherlands because he did play along with this casting directors dirty 'games', so he went to Hollywood. (And became succesful.)

Here we see the same pattern: in the 90s he was let go from a casting agency because of rumours about his misconduct, but nobody dared to file a report. That would mean you would no longer get any parts at all. Or at least: that is what people feared.
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