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and let's remember; men have been exploited too. Not just the women.

and let's also remember that most of these victims had a choice. They could have immediately called the police. They could have immediately called the union. They chose to put up with the exploitation rather than lose a role in a movie. Kind of like selling your soul to the devil if you thing about it... and I'm sure that plenty of woman (and men) didn't need to be exploited. There are those who were voluntary. They were more than happy to blow the producer to get the part. There are no innocent victims in this story. We are talking about Hollywood where people would do ANYTHING to be in a movie...

I'm not defending anyone who exploited these people. All I'm saying is that they had a choice. They didn't NEED to be in that movie. They could have kept their dignity and called the police. They chose not to. They are adults. They made that decision. Life is about accepting responsibility for your decisions. Right now ol' Harvey and Kevin and some of the others are accepting responsibility for the decisions they made. A woman who accepts something from a man in exchange for her dignity is just as guilty as the man in my opinion... It's good that they are coming forward now but they really should have come forward decades ago when the alleged exploitation occurred.
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