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jax, In the posts to come I will explain what I set out to discuss. I think you'll find out quickly that I'm not an egomaniac and I don't claim to know everything.

What is the value of 3D in a movie? is it just a gimmick or is it's value really in its potential to create an immersive experience for the viewer. In the past it was just a gimmick and certainly today film makers still take advantage of the way people enjoy having an arrow come flying out of the screen but more than that, today, film makers claim to aspire to create an immersive experience,,, at least that is what they claim.

An immersive experience. THAT is what my 3D philosophy is built around and THAT is what I claim today's 3D film makers are missing. They do not understand what it is they are doing, or trying to do. They are failing to create an immersive experience.

Jax, that's all I wanted to say when I started this thread.
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