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I really didn't start this thread to argue with you, Jax. I simply wanted to start a conversation with people who want to talk about stereoscopy or who have questions about the processes.

The thing is this, jax, if you take some time to learn about stereoscopy you will find out that the term "expert" is subjective. Someone I revere and consider an expert might very well be someone who other "experts" do not agree with.

Stereo vison is very very simply; a scene being viewed from 2 different angles. Your brain merges the images and uses the parallax between features in the image to establish depth.

Stereoscopy is equally simply; recording a scene from two different angles then presenting the 2 different angle images so that the left eye sees only the left image and the right eye sees only the right image. There are, of course, considerations when taking these 2 pictures (stereo pairs) but aside from those considerations, It really is that simple.

Now, the place where disagreement comes into play has nothing to do with the basic process of capturing 3D images or video. The disagreements come into play over the philosophy of the practitioner, and in some cases, their stubbornness. As an example: there are those who believe the inner-occular distance between the 2 taking lenses in a 3D camera MUST be 2 inches apart because human eyes are 2 inches apart while others believe that inter-occular distance can be used as a variable and adjusted according to the scene being photographed... Both ways work even though the rationalization of one way over the other may not be sound..... But, I-Never-Said- Anyone-Was-Incompetent! Please don't ever put words in my mouth.

Anyway, I happen to believe in 3D photography/video and I happen to believe that indie film makers can also make 3D movies.
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