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3D has come a long way, and is still in use in cinemas a little, though it’s fizzled out for home viewing.
I wouldn’t think that people who make high budget 3D movies ‘don’t know what they’re doing’ and in fact much planning and consideration goes into ensuring the 3D looks right and also doesn’t cause eye strain. I would suggest it’s much easier to make a single frame of 3D ‘work’ than it is 24 frames per second for 7,200 seconds... (that’s 172,800 frames and that’s not even taking into account movement and interpolation...)

Personally I think 3D has a future, though it may not necessarily be for blockbuster films. Wildlife documentaries or more immersive style films and experiences may be a better fit. It’s still rather cost-prohibitive on a big scale, and anyway VR has kind-of surpassed it to a large extent for that ‘immersive’ feeling. The next step is probably 3D VR which I think sounds very cool (though probably very expensive to make).

Unfortunately I don’t own any 3D glasses nor can I cross my eyes so I can’t check out your examples.
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