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Harvey allegedly told aspiring actresses that he received sexual favors from Renee Zellweger, Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron in exchange for their career advancement.
and if that is true, look what happened to them. They all became wealthy and famous actresses.

They willingly gave Harvey what he wanted and he in turn, gave them what they wanted.... and now some of them are complaining. Whatever they did, they did voluntarily as far as we know. We were not in the room....and it really is none of our business anyway.

Point your finger all you want, the world DOES work this way sometimes. I'm not passing judgment on anyone... Two adults can do whatever they want to each other as long as both are willing. Harvey is not Bill Cosby. He did not drug woman then rape them. He may have said "let me do you and I'll make you a star" or something to that affect. Big difference. The women can say NO! but they choose not to. They weigh their options; let the fat sweaty pig touch me and have the movie career I've been dreaming of my whole life or say no, in which case I may or may not get in this movie or any other... By the way, I haven't read a single story about an actress who was blacklisted from Hollywood because she would not play Harvey's game. Everyone assumes ol' Harv would end their career if they didn't play ball. Speculation.

I know I know. All of you are shocked at my heartless siding with Harvey... but I'm not siding with anyone. I'm simply watching this social comedy and commenting on it.... It makes me giggle when people pontificate about how terrible someone is when in fact they are doing what many before them have done and many after him will do. Same with the actors and actresses. They will continue to go along with it just so they can get their shot at stardom. They want that more than anything. For my whole life I wanted to be a successful film maker more than anything. I was never put in a position of having to consider what "off the board" things I might do to make it a reality but,,, well, you never know

Condemn me to death, fellas. It's ok because I know that what people say publicly and what they think in the privacy of their own mind are sometimes two completely different things. Condemn a fat unattractive man for wanting beautiful woman and for using his power to get them but remember, these women were not mental cases. They could have said no.

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