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It is true: it is a world dominated by men.
Even sexual education (if offered at schools) divides the world like that: first menstruation vs first ejaculation.
Whole societies teach their children that girls should dress and behave 'properly' and that those who don't are sluts.

Originally Posted by Velusion View Post

Come on...... this "shockwave" is only a forced - politically correct response to something that I'm sure EVERYONE knows happens in Hollywood and everywhere else on a daily basis.............
Politically correct.
And socially, mentally, humanly, emotionally correct.

For too long it was 'politically' or 'financially correct' to uphold an omerta around predators in power.
It was about time that the people who really know act.

'Politically correct' has too often become a phrase to try to deflect* from the content of what is being said, because many claim that 'PC' is bad. It has become a newspeak word to attack unwelcome messages and changes or to suggest it hides a truth.
'Hypocracy' hides truths and sometimes when people say 'PC' they mean the hypocarcy to give a socially acceptable answer. Like politician promising to help you and then only help themselves and their friends. (I understand where it comes from.:p )
But sometimes 'PC' has just become a 'weapon' in debates, too often used so people can judge the message without talking about the message. (Just like the phrases 'fake news' or 'socialist' have become closing arguments instead of opening arguments followed by the thoughts/facts/reasoning behind it.)

*) I'm not saying you are deflecting. Just realise how the meaning of the word shifts more and more towards 'discrediting'. At this rate the law of Godwin needs to be amended with or 'PC'. ;-)
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