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It has nothing to do with being well-adjusted or being a sociopath. It has everything to do with a society that has and continues to treat women as nothing but sexual objects.
I know.. I know you're right. I agree with you 100%. I didn't want to say it for fear of shocking those with delicate sensibilities.

You feel that way because that's how you view women.
ok. now I've got to call you on this one. .. As much as a lot of men try to the contrary, we are still just animals with basic instincts. The sex drive is probably the second most powerful instinct we have, right behind our instinct to live - to survive. I can't remember the exact statistic but it is said that men think of sex on an average of once every 10 seconds (or something close to that). We see a woman and we instantly assess her beauty and judge her physical endowments. Don't tell me you don't do this 'cause if you do, I'll say you probably suffer from low testosterone. .. I've read that the number one reason most men do not cheat on their wives is simply fear of being caught. Face it man; it's in our blood to have women. We can't help it.
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