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Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
That's just it, directorik. You didn't get involved. You only tried to call me out....

The thing is this; I've been involved in 3D talks on other forums. Some people knew a few things about 3D, others asked questions but nobody said anything like "I don't know anything about 3D but I'm sure you're wrong".. I know you didn't say that in those exact words but you did say that.
I'm sorry you feel I said that. I was expressing my opinion. I was
very careful to NOT say that because I wanted to learn. I have
never made a 3D movie, I have only watched them. I was not calling
you out I was expressing a personal opinion based on what little I
know. I see I was wrong to do that.

You said you didn't expect to be challenged and I did that. I see
I was wrong to do that, too.

I. too, will refrain from commenting on this thread any further.

I suggest you see Hitchcock's only 3D film in 3D and Hugo in 3D. Both
seem to me to be from filmmakers who did understand what they are
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