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Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
VR has great potential. I haven't studied it but I believe you're still looking at a screen......
True, lol, but the screen is no longer fixated on 1 location with confined and (if you far away enough) visible boundaries. Like you said: the screen cannot be unseen unless you close your eyes. And when you move your head, the view doesn't end with an edge, but shows the view from that angle.

This technique poses new struggles. At the moment: longer than 3 minutes is nauseating for many people. Having 'no body' while looking down also boggles the mind. So more and more VR experiences are made with a body. Together with gloves and AR, they can give you VR-hands that move like your own.

For this kind of stuff: forget lineair filmtheory. It is a totally different beast.
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