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Feedback/advice on my first short

Hello, so I have an idea for my first short film that'll run appprox. 35 min. I'm calling it "Nothing is Forever" it's basically about this man who didn't have a good life becuase he mistreated it and is told that he's gonna die, and the man is just filled with regret and wants to go back to fix his life. Then one day he has a heart attack and wakes up in purgatory. He encounters his guardian angel and his guardian angel gives him a second chance. He goes through his life fixing it but then at the very end the guardian angel reappears and asks him if he likes his new and better life. The man responds with, "Yes, I'm so happy" or something to that extent and his guardian angel tells him that he couldn't have it and takes him back to his real life where he's left to basically die

I know this sounds like it would be a feature film or somthing but the scenes are shorter then I actually thought. Please I'd love some feedback and some advice. Thanks everybody.
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