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Originally Posted by directorik View Post
I found your kickstarter. With three days to go you haven't
gotten even one person to donate. I wonder if that's because
you make it very difficult to find out anything about your project.

I really like the idea. But I'm not going to jump through hoops
to get a little information from you; even how to get hold you.

Yours is an unusual promotional plan.
At the moment, we have a plan and an idea for the project - To make the idea come to like, we need content to put on the site. Without content we don't have a site. So at the moment, that is what we're trying to do.

We started the Kickstarter page but then didn't really follow up on it as we didn't need the funding, but as you probably know - You can't delete the page. Originally - It was going to be a horror streaming site, but we have decided to spread it across all genres now.

Once we have content - We will have the live working website to actually advertise and promote. The hardest part is getting content approved for your website.
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