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Originally Posted by mad_hatter View Post
Surely if this all goes to pot, nobody will ever trust these people with their money again?
Rarely do people donating to crowdfunding expect anything from their
donation other than the perks. They give because they are passionate
about the project or are friends of the filmmaker. It's typically about
support rather than trust with the money.

To answer the question: You successfully fund a fan film but offering
a project fans want to see - more specifically; a project fans will pay
to see made. Not having any recognized talent is a challenge. You need
to drum up fan support based on YOU. Convince fans of the property
that it is YOU who can bring a great film to them.

Get your script written in proper format, do some killer artwork (you're
a visionary director who thinks about the visuals first), post a link to your
short films, put together an accurate line-item budget and hit the fan
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