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Originally Posted by directorik View Post
Technology moves on.

In 1990 analogue videotape couldn't touch film. In 2000
digital video couldn't touch film. In 2010 digital video is
getting very close to film. Using a little logic, I would think
that in 2020 what ever we use may be just as good and
by 2030 only people over 40 will even be thinking about

Sure, it's tough for those of you who never really got the
chance to shoot film very often. But someone who is 20
today will never miss it. Someone born today will see film
as worthless just as most of us see cassette tapes as worthless.
This is so true. My kids are burning up digital cameras making there clips for the web. They look at my film cameras and footage that I project as antique. They often use the phrase "Hey Dad, back in the day... " I answer, "Yeah back in the day they used film". Then they pick up their hv20 and/or iphone and go shoot a skateboard video. Since I don't have a lot of money to shoot film I too end up shooting digital.

My film cameras are like a vintage car your have in the garage and just take it out for holiday parades.

I been trying to get my kids to shoot manual and use a light meter but they don't see the need. Hell they're just trying to have fun.
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