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What you describe is a consequence of projecting on a screen: the only thing that can be done is turning a screen into a 'box', like a stage.
I don't think rreverting back to the stageplay is the way to go.
The filmtheory of montage is one of the elements that elevate movies from the medium of stage play.

I think the combination with 360VR will make a truly immersive experience possible, but it will presents its own story boundaries, since cutting will be hard and you can not control the frame anymore.
VR is already being used to treat PTSS or to train psychiatrists to make them experience a psychosis.

I love to think about what different media can be used for.
3DVR can be a great medium for short stories, but also as a spectator-medium for certain events.
But I think it's full potential lies in gaming: there you can interact and move within the VR space.
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