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Originally Posted by directorik View Post
No. Even with a name star it's getting more and more difficult to get
theatrical distribution. Even if a professional camera is used.

“Tangerine” (2015) was shot using the iPhone 5S and was released in
16 theaters in the US – bumped up to 44 on its third week. It was in
theaters for 10 weeks. Magnolia Pictures thought people might pay to
see it because of its content and didn't care about the camera used. It
even got a small theatrical in several other countries.

That same year Caliber Media made a western starring Kurt Russel shot
on RED. It did well at a few festivals but no distributor was interested.
All professional equipment was used and it was Kurt f-ing Russel in a
western. The camera used was not a factor. No distributor thought people
would pay to see it.

You get no argument from me that the equipment used is important. Just
not as important as you say it is. A distributor is far more concerned with
the content than the equipment; will it bring paying customers to the theaters.

Quite interesting indeed!
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