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Honestly, I really wouldn't get hung up on things like that. It looks like you're on you're first draft and my advice if you are, is to just blast through it, try not to stop. You can sort all those details out with your next draft - or even when you start storyboarding.

Look at the way this screenplay is written for Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise (sorry, couldnt work out how to post a pic):

It doesn't even have names! I mean, that probably isn't the way it was actually written but maybe it was... You can see what I mean though...

The hardest part about writing a screenplay is finishing it. They say writing is re-writing so I think you just just plough through your script - if you get to another part where you aren't sure how to lay it out, just do it however it comes naturally and you can sort it out later!
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