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Vestigal Organ

Thanks for the responses. Guess I was closer than I thought.

I think I primarily included the two headers at the beginning (EXT.PARKING LOT and INT.CAR) because, in an earlier draft, I made it a point to mention that the car was alone in the parking lot or at least parked far away from the other cars. This necessitated, I felt, an establishing shot of the parking lot before switching to a shot of the character inside the car. I couldn't come up with a succinct way to phrase this, I wasn't absolutely sure it was necessary to tell the story, and I just wanted to make the whole thing as lean as possible, so I cut the line. However, I left the scene header. I'm not sure why.

But yeah. It's a vestigal organ. I'm either going to give it a function or remove it.

Thanks again.
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