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I watched your movie, Rise of the Avalanche, on Amazon prime today. I think the best part of it was your acting.

I watched it with my wife and unless we missed the point, I think the guy was selling his soul to the devil for 5 million dollars. In it's own small way, it reminded me of Angel Heart..

What was with that funky gun? First it looked like a piece of carved wax then, when you were holding it, it looked like you tried to paint it in some computer program. Made it look like a drawing or something..

The CGI backgrounds of the city looked pretty good.

I wish I could say more but that's all that comes to mind right now... I absolutely appreciate the effort it took you to make that movie. Congratulations on finishing it!..

Side note: the closed captions were way too long. Too many words on the screen at a single time. If it was me, I'd break it down a little. Put a sentence or two then after a few seconds replace them with the next few sentences instead of jamming in all on one slide.

Let me know if you have any more to watch!
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