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Originally Posted by sucramdoow_ View Post
No, just that they are my client. It's a very basic contract that says I will do work for them, and the footage belongs to them etc. ALTHOUGH, it didn't say anything about pay, and I asked about it and they said they would pay me. I have no reason to distrust them, but if they do end up screwing me over, then I'm going to withhold photos I took for them. And even then, I'm not too fussed. It's annoying, sure, and I do want to get paid. I'm not going to chase it up though. I have too much on my plate as it is.
Be careful of this one. Even if you're happy with the situation as it is right now, you don't want to end up committed to a project of theirs for free and having to turn down paid work for it. Or worse - they pay you a very small amount and you have to turn down much higher paying work because you're in a bind.

You should be up-front about payments: when and how much. If they're not going to pay you, you definitely need to make sure you stipulate what happens if you get offered clashing paid work...
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