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Originally Posted by JustNickFoster View Post
I'm a screenwriter looking to add more credits to my resume. I plenty of samples to present if requested. I've been writing for many years working on my craft and I'm confident that the quality of storytelling in my scripts will bring life to any production, so right now money is not an issue with me.

If you need a script, help with a finished one, a treatment, or anything writing related for your production send me an e-mail because I'll do it for free and it will be top quality.

ALL I care about at the moment is whether or not the production will be able to finish so I can be credited.

Thank you for your time.

If you are interested, private message me.
I like to see a writing sample.

I'm looking for an excellent high school comedy. "American Graffiti",
"Fast Times at Ridgemont High", “Ferris Bueller” good. A script that
will attract the top young talent of today, something that will make
them want to sign on based on the excellent writing, hysterical
scenes and iconic characters.

I'm looking for then next big idea in horror. Something that will
change the direction of the genre the way "Night of the Living Dead"
did in the late 60's - the way "Halloween" and "Texas Chainsaw" did
in the 1970's - the way "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the
13th" did in the 80's and the way "Saw" did more recently.
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