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Originally Posted by All-Star Productions View Post
Let me start by saying I'm a big Marvel fan and I saw the first Avengers a few times in theaters.

The second Avengers wasn't great.

The new one had me super excited, but the trailer is concerning to me. It looks like it's going to be overstuffed and a lot to take in, I wouldn't be shocked if it came out rushed.

The battle scenes they show in Wakonda seem like generic, Lord of the Rings style CGI sensory overload nonsense. I'm upset that there seems to be an emphasis on Wakonda as I don't love Black Panrther, although I guess we've already seen New York get destroyed.

I'm still excited though.
I can agree that there seems to be like there is a TON in this movie. Hopefully, Marvel can balance so many characters in 1 movie at a time. I'm a DC guy and I'm pretty excited for this as well. Just watching the trailer it feels like this is what they've worked so hard to get to from the start.
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