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Originally Posted by FreddyLongSongs View Post
So, you have nothing to show?

I asked for people to actually watch it not critique which I do not mind. Just come correct and be constructive.
Oops. I guess I missed the part about not critiquing. That is what you will get when you post on a filmmaking site. Then you say come correct and be constructive. That sounds like you want critique. Look like you just want glad hand. If I like something I will tell you. If I think there is a problem I will post to try and help with the problem. If it becomes apparent the someone thinks they are all that and not actually looking to make themselves a better filmmaker then I will at that point ignore that person. You have tricked yourself into believing you are all that and do not seem to want to make your films better. There are problems with your trailer. Period. You do not want to accept that. Fine. Done. I have a trailer I have posted before (that I know is not perfect) Here is the facebook link to it, sorry that is all I can access from my current location.
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