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Although you didn't ask for critique I will offer a few suggestions.
I think the non lineair thing is confusing (it makes the shots in the trailer feel a bit random). And using a more or less similar shot twice doesn't add to any tension or curiousity.
What if you cut out 0:02 till 0:10?
If you go from 'WTF?!' to not shaking hands it might work better as a trailer as it shows how she seems to be disconnected and antisocial.
If you combine 'like Jody Foster.' with 'my dad' it might become even weirder in a humorous way.

I watched it on a laptop and I couldn't hear the first line so well, either.
Maybe the line needs a little boost while the music can use a little EQ dip around 1200 Hz (to make more room for dialoque). (The audio pros might want to kill me for this simple approach, but hey, if it works, it works )
(Or maybe you don't need that shot in the trailer?)

The most recent trailer I made was still a bit too long, but I wanted to put too many names in it and I had little time to edit it:

Before that I made fake trailers for easter:
(In one of the titles the vfx are off.)
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