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Originally Posted by mdkilinc View Post
So if I decide to purchase either the DR-60DmkII or the H4N I wouldn't need any extra things, right?
You'll need XLR cable to connect the mic to the recorder.

You'll need good, closed-back headphones for monitoring. If you aren't listening, you aren't recording. You may as well shoot video without ever looking at the LCD screen.

You'll need a boom pole, shockmount, and ample windscreening for the mic.

Originally Posted by mdkilinc View Post
Also, is the DR-60DmkII much better than the H4N? I am only a beginner but intend to learn everything about the product I buy, however, I would prefer to buy the product which is best for a beginner.
As far as learning curve, they're about the same. As far as quality, I'd take the Tascam over the Zoom any day. And like I said, handheld recorders generally suck in terms of physical design when you're using them for narrative dialog with a boomed mic. The Tascam will be much more useful for that.

Also, most of these low-cost recorders eat AA batteries for lunch. The Tascam can be powered from its USB port, so getting one of those backup batteries people use to recharge their phones and tablets is also a good idea... you can run for a couple days on the right sized battery.
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