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Hi, mdkilinc!

Unfortunately, those two devices are incompatible. If it were simply a matter of adapting XLR from the NTG-1 to the 1/8" TRS mic input on the H1, you'd be okay. The challenge is that the NTG-1 requires +48v phantom power over XLR connection, which the H1 does not offer. You could interconnect the two by putting a small mixer in between, but that would be more expensive than upgrading either the recorder, or the mic (the NTG-2 is the same mic, but also can be powered from an internal AA battery).

One other thing: both the NTG-1 and NTG-2 have pretty lousy output levels. Since their signals are lower, you'll need good preamps with clean gain to be able to record at a decent level without lots of noise.

How about replacing both the mic and the recorder? The Audio-Technica AT875r is pretty dang good for the price: cheaper than the NTG-1/2 and with a hotter output. And perhaps the Tascam DR-60DmkII would be a better fit as well (and less expensinve than the H4n). Better preamps, though I still wouldn't rely on the NG-1/2, and it can be put in a small bag where you can still see the display screen and access the controls. Those handheld recorders like the H1 and the H4n are a bit clumsy in the field when you're using them with boomed mics.
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