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Originally Posted by mlesemann View Post
If that's essential to your story, then certainly go with it.
It's just the one thing that really feels "off" to me, especially the idea of them doing something "a couple of times."
I edited my response to you since you posted this, by the way.

Yea, I get what you're saying. I need to re-word that or come up with something else. I know this exchange is exposition heavy, but in the context of the scene, I think it works.

The reason why these guys are so taken aback by the New Life Inc. will be revealed, I just don't know when. The cold open is misleading, and that was intentional. The device that was created has nothing to do with his eye.

My plan is to show courtroom testimony in the form of flashbacks, that way we can see what's going on rather than just listening to someone explain it.
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