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Writing a Courtroom Drama


I wrote out the opening statements, I think I'm missing some of the procedural stuff but let me know what you guys think.

I'm writing from the prosecution point of view, and they don't have all of the evidence yet as someone will come forward with additional information. Yes, this is similar to A Few Good Men, but I'm fine with that.

Secondly I'm trying to go for a sympathetic defense. The defense's strategy is basically "yes, our client is guilty of somethings, but what he's created outweighs that." So in the end, I'm pretty sure I'm letting this guy off the hook. The message I want to convey is that of "this man is far too important to the future of science to spend time in jail."

It would be like if Elon Musk was on trial for murder while he's in the middle of curing cancer.

I understand you have to get pretty technical with courtroom or police stories, but is there such thing as too technical?

There are some movies that breeze through technical or other complicated mumbo jumbo without explaining it, but is that the way to go? I look at something like Ex Machina when Nathan shows Caleb the "wetware" stuff in his lab. A lot of what comes out of his mouth will have a typical person saying "I guess what he's saying is correct."

I'm writing a sci-fi story that takes place primarily in a court room. A medical research company that developed a revolutionary device is under investigation. When their test subject - the only person using said device - winds up dead under mysterious circumstances, reports of misconduct come flooding in.

The main characters are the lawyers that are handling the complaints against the company, along with the person who filed the complaints in the first place.

I wrote a cold open, followed by the two lawyers discussing the case after just learning about it. My dialogue is meant to be fast-paced between these two, and I'm dropping information without giving away the most obvious question - what is the device and what does it do?

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