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Originally Posted by bird View Post
Not the best PR spin, here.

Indietalkers are very interested in Nate's project. I know I will be following Deathworld's progress quite closely. Seems like he's gotten some very good responses and commitments from fellow Indietalkers. Some of us just aren't in the position to contribute, either because of our own huge projects or personal reasons. I wish him the best and think he's attempting something few have attempted before. Kudos to him.

Just curious, but what is the last position to be filled?
I think Rob's just having a rough couple of days, like many of us he's very enthusiastic about the project, and like myself doesn't understand some of the negativity directed towards our offer.

Personally I really appreciate the support of many people on this forum that have either joined outright, or voiced their support or interest.

There are 2 positions still available, though trueindie is a tentative on one of them, and a local is talking about renting the last room as an office space, so those interested may wish to speak up soon.

The two positions we need filled the worst are, Sound design/production sound, and set design. It might be worth noting however that individuals will not be permanently constrained to one job and that roles are somewhat flexible. Because this is an indie film community, most incoming members fall squarely into the "jack of all trades" category, and we'll try to make that into an asset as opposed to a liability.
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