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While this has been a rousing discussion, we've kind of strayed from an important topic, which is, would anyone else like to consider filling the one remaining slot?

We have only about 15 days left to pay our initial move in cost, so it's important that I hear from people that have an interest in actually joining, as well as the devil's advocate types.

As far as Brian's question about the reels, it's seriously the least of our problems. We'll be producing tons of footage, and there will be more than enough to go around for demo reels. In addition I don't see a problem with individuals shooting their own specific reels on the weekends. Overall, there will be no difficulty whatsoever in coming out of this project with a professional reel.

In terms of this being some kind of scheme, I'd say investing over 80k of my own cash to get someone to rent a room for 700 bucks seems like a pretty poor quality scheme. If I wanted to be a dishonest person that took large sums of money for virtually no reason and hurt those around me for profit, I'd just try to pass the California bar exam.

Sorry for the double post, but this thread got dragged way off topic, and was dying off from lost focus without achieving it's original goal.

As far as the important question posed earlier, "what makes you think you can do this" it's a complex answer. It has a lot more to do with business and money than it does with film. Short answer, it's because in time I can make a case for the overall project as a profitable scenario for large investors, and because I have some access to these investors when the time comes.

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