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Paul, you pretty much nailed it. And thanks for the well-wishes!

Brian, I'll try my best to clear up anything up, and answer your questions. First, though, I think it's worth noting that if there is any wording in the ad, that you find suspicious, then Nate's only crime is in not choosing his words more carefully. Besides Paul's account of having lunch with him, there are three people in this thread who have had extensive phone conversations with Nate -- myself, SinEater, and wheatgrinder. All three of us have reached the same conclusion -- that Nate is on the up-and-up, and this is a very exciting project.

Okay, to answer your questions -- no, we will not be working on commercial work, and "Deathworld", simultaneously. The ultimate goal is "Deathworld". But that is an expensive project, and requires funding. If Nate secures that funding, then we work exclusively on "Deathworld". If the funding for "Deathworld" doesn't come through (or if it takes a while), then we look to take on whatever commercial projects we can get, so that we can pay rent.

The reels that each person is able to take out of this experience, would be from whatever work we have done, from commercial work, or "Deathworld", or whatever. Hypothetically, somebody might want to shoot some additional stuff, solely for the purpose of their reel, but I can't imagine that'd be necessary.

The reason(s) for having everyone in the same house are the same, whether we are doing "Deathworld", or commercial projects. Reason #1 -- it eliminates the cost of renting a separate space for the home-base of this production company. Reason #2 -- everyone who is joining the team is interested in a very intense work schedule, and being together will help facilitate that.

If you still have questions, I'd say Paul's succinct summary, above, is about all the info you need to understand it. The only thing Paul didn't completely get right is that he said we're all investing in "Deathworld", whereas we actually won't be doing "Deathworld", unless we get funding for it.

A page or two back, wheatgrinder also posted a very informative message, explaining why someone might want to do this.

The bottom line is that if anyone is contemplating doing this, they should call Nate. All you have to lose is a phone call.
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