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Originally Posted by harmonica44 View Post
As for sound being a limitation, I already have a field recorder and different mics, so I think I got the sound covered, and it's just the video limitations in the DSLR, that's a problem.
The problem is with user error, not the fact that it's a DSLR. I have shot several live music events with a DSLR. They come out great because I don't use my camera as an excuse, I own lenses I know I can get good results with and I have years of experience meaning I know what I'm doing. Stop using your camera as an excuse. "Oh but the time limitation" well why are you only filming with one camera? At the bare minimum for a live event there should be two cameras and it should be timed so that during the ten seconds where you start a new file, the other camera is still rolling - so in the edit there's no pause or jump cut.

Lets be honest - you are not going to be happy until you own an Alexa; except then you'll be making topics on how to deal with such a heavy camera whilst doing handheld shots of a police drama.
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