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Originally Posted by Blade_Jones View Post
I don't think the crashing is because of lack of RAM. It doesn't crash during playback. The last time it crashed I was simply clicking from the color page to the edit page.
Indietalk is absolutely right. 8GB RAM will shut the system down.

Playback is actually the least-intensive process in there because it’s likely playing back from a rendered video cache, just as if you were simply watching a video in QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc.

Moving between color correction and edit means the program is trying to render the color correction you just applied, shift display modes, and update the playback screen all at the same time. 8GB RAM will not keep up and the program will simply shut down.

You actually have a good i7 processor. Not sure what your graphics processor is, though. But look at the Resolve minimum requirements and you’ll see that it specifies a minimum of 16GB. I’d recommend 32GB to give yourself plenty of headroom.
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