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Have you seen games of thrones?
margaery tyrell's motivation is to become queen of the seven kingdoms, and her behavior is to be the most desirable woman available and most perfect wife she can be to the king. [SPOILER]She does this to three different kings, and with each different king she pretends to be a different kind of woman.[/SPOILER] Maybe that's the kind of woman you're looking for?

If I were to wager a wild guess I'd say you have some unfulfilled sexual fantasies and aim to create a fictional woman whose sole purpose of existence is to service your desires. Such an existence is very two dimensional and hence not a real person. Real people have three dimensions. By creating female characters that aren't real people it's a form of misogyny, but hey i don't know you. Life is hard, people need food and medicine to live, do what you need to do to sell your film and make your money. I am nobody to judge anyone.

We can easily gender flip this scenario to someone like James Bond.
James Bond is a secret agent with different identities, like margaery tyrell he pretends to be a different kind of man to seduce different kinds of women. But both of these characters are just pretending.. that's the important distinction. It's what makes them three dimensional, it makes them human beings instead of objects of desire.

Originally Posted by ZeroLimit View Post
Sure. But to be clear, this is not about misogyny. But definitely about sex But not "sex for sex". It's more about what does a woman does to be attractive…
Well lets see. They style their hair, white women tan their skin, they do their nails, they shower and put on scented sprays and deodorants. They go to the gym and control their diet. Some women go to charm school idk exactly what goes on there
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