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Originally Posted by mlesemann View Post
While this is getting a bit more heated than I think is really useful,
Yep. It is.
I did my best to avoid that. Well it didn't work

Originally Posted by mlesemann View Post
I DO think that what you're looking for is far more related to the male gaze in film than to anything that real women do.
Hi admin.

Great. It's your point of view and it's okay. However, I never intended to tell the story according to any gender gaze. But I do understand that it's all what you can see from where you stand as I only described a (only one from many) subplot from one secondary character. The rest of the story is... HUGE

And I still don't see why a "sexy female character" in a movie should always make the movie "sexist" or worst, make the writer/ director sexist. Really, I don't.

Thank you
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