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Originally Posted by BBfilms View Post
an your still offensively talking down, are you really that incapable of seeing how ridiculous you sound?

you also don't know me at all or you would know I am the least 'feminist' woman around often advocating more for men's rights but as a member of this planet I do still expect basic HUMAN respect which is something you clearly lack because you see women as lesser than yourself and apparently having a vagina automatically makes us here for your pleasure... sorry I fail to be arousing to you

and yes this is 100% about you damn phrasing, are you that unobservant you honestly can see how opening a thread with 'every time you remind about her performnce, you immediately get hard' or patronizing someone as soon as you find out they are a woman with things like 'MY LADY' or saying things like 'I warned her' is entirely an issue with YOU?
there's no way to flip this to me being crazy but nice attempt a gas-lighting you must be a pleasure in real life, I've never had this issue of being talked to like this with anyone else bar one person and he went to jail for domestic abuse ffs

Well, I don't wan to "manspread" anymore
I guess not anwering at all will be "disrecptfull". And I really want to avoid that. So here you go.
Now just tell me. What do you want to say exactly? It gets really confusing ? Please, write it as simplest as you can. And I promise it will be uselfull.
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