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Originally Posted by BBfilms View Post
Spring Breakers - 1/10

honestly what was the point... I watched it to see the use of colours and lighting mainly but seriously whats the purpose for this even existing, ive never seen such a worthless film - it has no story, no character development, no likeable characters and its god awfully slow.
The whole thing could have been condensed to 10 minutes but they stretched it for over 90 most of which is just repeated clips of drunk teenagers flashing tits and ass while someone whispers 'spring break' repetitively.
Literally 80% of this film is repetitive either re-using clips or having the actors say the same thing again and again (every speech went on way to long and had nothing to say) and while on irritating repetitiveness the gun cocking sound effect did my head in, the used it multiple time on the cut of each scene to the point it lost any impact at all.
James Franco give the only acceptable performance and even then his character was irritating and badly written. I honestly cant believe this won so many awards, the only award that makes sense is the 'hall of shame' award for worst portrayed female
My GF and I have quoted this movie multiple times.
spring break forevvveerrrrr I've seen it and regret nothing !!


A fairytale story three season long where mobsters have hearts of gold and are good role models and community leaders
It's incredibly unrealistic, the shit this mobster does and gets away with yet he doesn't have a single corrupt cop that he pays off. He just goes around beating people up and threatening them and in three season not one single person goes to the police to complain about his violent behavior.

Still it's funny and it's one of those whimsical shows where the lead character cuts through all the red tape, like lucifer or limitless. Comically enough the whole show basically consists of these two characters making the same face all the time.

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