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Originally Posted by WalterB View Post
Another reason is the misogyny that hides in victim blaming: "she probably wore a short skirt, she probably asked for it, a girl shouldn't walk outside alone, she should just have said no, blabla" all ignore the criminal, but blame the victim for the crime. Lots of women standing up and speaking up get piles of shit thrown at them.
Exactly. One of these victim blaming, misogynistic attitudes is 'she did it to advance her career'/'slept her way to the top'/other similar sentiments.

Unconscious sexism is extremely prevalent in our society, and it's become so normalised that often we don't even realise we're doing it. We must ensure we call out misogynistic attitudes in others and more importantly learn to recognise when we're doing it ourselves if we have any chance of eradicating these detrimental atttitudes from our society.

The Hollywood sexual harassment scandal has been harrowing. I'm glad people are feeling emboldened to speak out and I sincerely hope that the attitudes, particularly of those in high power positions (not just Hollywood) genuinely change.
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