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Originally Posted by peacemaker View Post
One caught. Hundred remains. He belongs in jail.

When Weinstein invited actresses to "the meetings", some rejected his advances. Those who rejected his advances knows that he will try to demolish their career. But still they took their chances, believing in themselves and their talent. But there were few who pursued him, of course to their dislike, to advance their careers. A shortcut to success. They were also slightly at fault, right? I am not trying to mitigate Weinstein's actions even by .1%. As I said, he belongs in jail. Now these famous actresses are coming out against him as if he is at 100% fault. These actresses also kind of used him to advance their careers, in a way fame and money. If the actresses haven't obliged to him (he couldn't have forced everyone), the opportunity they got, at least some might have gone to actresses based on merit and talent.

If he is doing this for more than 25 years, for sure the industry people would have known this at some point. But they were just spectators till the allegations came up.

I just graduated and started working small jobs here and there. I don't have that much industry knowledge or experience like many members here. I might be wrong but what I mentioned above is how I felt after reading the news.
It is 100% his fault. No negotiating here.
Someone saying 'no' would very likely get ruined and the total imbalance in power doesn't make it a simple yes or no question as if you are deciding what kind of cheese you want to buy.
Those women where ambushed while hoping to get a part in a major film.

His power was one of the reasons people kept quiet. He could make someone an outcast.
Another reason is the misogyny that hides in victim blaming: "she probably wore a short skirt, she probably asked for it, a girl shouldn't walk outside alone, she should just have said no, blabla" all ignore the criminal, but blame the victim for the crime. Lots of women standing up and speaking up get piles of shit thrown at them.
Women don't ask to be preyed on by predators and yet a lot of people use that primitive logic that has been keeping women living under obvious or subtle submission, so they can't live safely and free as (most) males can.
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