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Originally Posted by directorik View Post
I'd love a few examples.

What is the movie and what rules were broken?
Wes Anderson does not follow the rule of thirds. Ever. Tarantino does not follow any rules of screenwriting. I'm sure we could name quite a few more, but I think it's a moo point.

I agree with G-Bike's sentiment. I think art, in general, is all about breaking the rules. Without that, we have no innovation. Learn the rules. Follow them when you want to. Break them when you want to. I do.

To the OP, it's difficult for me to comment on your question without being able to see the video in question. I don't know this to be the case, but it's possible that your non-filmmaker friends were thrown off by your breaking of that rule, but they didn't know why they were thrown off, and were just being polite by not mentioning it. Maybe. Or, maybe your breaking of that rule works just fine. Feel free to post your video if you'd like a more detailed response.
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