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Originally Posted by AcousticAl View Post
That, and wired lavs on a walk-and-talk are a massive trip hazard. And its damn near impossible to keep the cables out of the shot.
Good point.

Originally Posted by AcousticAl View Post
Only slightly different, and only because of location/ambient surroundings and the fact that the wireless systems compander may affect the dynamic range of the signal. But if, for example, were talking about a Sanken COS11 terminated for XLR/phantom use vs. a Sanken COS11 terminated for wireless use, the sound will not be that drastically different and in the edit should be nearly indiscernible aside from the audible environment.
This pretty much definitively answers the question I've had since OP. Thanks, I do genuinely appreciate your participation here in the n00bie subform.

Originally Posted by AcousticAl View Post
...continuing the example using the Sanken COS11, the 3.5mm-terminated lav runs only 18 or so into the transmitter and will not suffer any reduction in quality as compared to the XLR-terminated Sanken COS11 running straight to the mixer.
The Sanken COS11 with 1/8" TRS connector has a 5.9 foot (1.8m) long cable. Are unbalanced cables longer than 18 inches & shorter than 6 feet subject to significant interference?
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