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-Thanks directorik.
-Interesting, micster. I guess I was thinking of something like what he revealed near the start, something that would make me feel more sympathy for him.

You're right, BBfilms. I was just thinking as a non-cult fan. And the filmmakers would probably like to expand the audience beyond the people who've seen The Room. In Ed Wood, we get to know more about Ed & Bela, & there's more at stake there. I liked that more than this, even without seeing Ed Wood's films. But I guess that movie benefitted dramatically from real things like Bela's addiction & death.

Maybe Tommy & Greg wouldn't have approved of making up stuff, or maybe no one thought to bring it up. I just think dramatically it could've involved the audience more. Nothing big, just something subtle, a bit before the screening. Something that further developed what he said near the start.
Just a personal preference.
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