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Originally Posted by film_autre View Post
To watch H44 finally make a film with no ifs or buts? Just kidding (or am I) Iv come a long way and it's all credit to this website, I would never have met the people I did or develop my skills without some people from this site, I do feel as though the site is dying a bit and perhaps it could use film news to spark debate such as new cameras, new lights etc perhaps even showcasing some of the filmmakers here work as a monthly special.

Either way, Iv come to a point where some of the questions I needed answering were only answerable by industry professionals so I think this site has done me a great job.
Actually, he HAS made a film. If I remember correctly, it's about 40 minutes long? Or maybe it's more like 20? Whatever, I don't remember. Either way, it is quite an accomplishment. I've seen it. The original director's cut. There was a much shorter version cut as well, and they are dramatically different from each other.

The long-time IT'ers know that H44 and I have had what you might call a sticky relationship, so I think it'd be wise of me to say nothing else about his film. But hey, at least he HAS actually made a film. And that was many years ago. Since he was secretive about the release of that film, there's no telling what he may have done since then.

H44, I of course do not intend to speak for you.

Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
Ok, I'll go with the nice, polite pleasant answer.

I'd like the site to stop playing second or third fiddle. I'd like it to be great at whatever it does, not a distant shadow of other available resources. I guess you're either looking for areas to look to either expand or improve.

Not trying to insult you or any members here, there's nothing on that list that Indietalk is either unique or the leading resource available.

Whatever you choose, be the best in that area.... or exclusive.

That is how I see it. That is what I want to see.
I agree with your assessment that there's nothing particularly original on the list in the survey. There are other websites (with much more traffic) that also offer those things. And I think IT is obviously looking to figure out how to drive up the traffic, and I totally support that.

In fact, I support it so much that part of my "master-plan" in finding an audience for my next film involves doing whatever I can to drive up the traffic to this website. To me, the way that IT is unique from other websites is that we try to be civil to each other here. Yes, there are occasional dust-ups, I would know better than anybody. But as a whole, IT is a place where newbs can ask newb questions and not fear ridicule. I've seen those other websites, and they're vicious.

Is there anything particularly original on the list? Not really. But does IT have an original approach in how to deliver the things on that list? Absolutely.

Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
I forgot to put in the poll: The reason I come to IT...

"That helpful fellow named rik always provides the best answers to my filmmaking questions"

Yep. Not blowing any smoke up your ass, Rik. You deserve the very high praise. I've said this before, and I'll say it again -- any successes that I've ever had or ever will have in filmmaking are largely attributable to your tutelage.
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