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Ok, I'll go with the nice, polite pleasant answer.

I'd like the site to stop playing second or third fiddle. I'd like it to be great at whatever it does, not a distant shadow of other available resources. I guess you're either looking for areas to look to either expand or improve.

I would like to be able to visit IndieTalk...
To ask members questions about filmmaking
To answer questions and offer members help
To find organized filmmaking tips and tutorials in a specific database
To read news/articles on filmmaking
To be able to post dedicated tutorials and/or articles
To post and promote my films
To watch films
To network with others in my area/build crews in my area etc
To list/browse paid-only crewing jobs
To socialize with other filmmakers and not always talk shop
Not trying to insult you or any members here, there's nothing on that list that Indietalk is either unique or the leading resource available.

Whatever you choose, be the best in that area.... or exclusive.

That is how I see it. That is what I want to see.
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