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"Or should I have bought the Alexa Mini instead?"


H44: remember the John Cleese video?
The end part is about that people who don't know what they are doing often don't know they don't know what they are doing. That is you, because you block your own progress everytime again and again.
Every time you have a problem you try to solve it by either complicating the project ("I can't find a location I can use for longer than 4 hours. Do you think it is smart to use 20 locations to fix that?") or by making it stupid ("You told me to shoot a scene. I picked a dumb one that is boring and nobody wants to work on it. I think it is because it is too short.")

You assume too much and draw the wrong conclusions about 99% of the time.

Can't find enough cast? SIMPLIFY by lowering the amount of actors needed.
Can't find people who can help for 10 days? SIMPLIFY by lowering the amount of shooting days needed.
Always give people something exciting/fun(ny) to work on.
Is your plan too boring? Create a better plan.
Can't even find 1 actor? Make something without actors: the poem idea has been mentioned before: it is a great exercise to train your cinematografic storytelling skills.

But you are just reluctant to put in any effort. It is much safer to fantasize you are a filmmaker instead of putting real sensible effort in it.

BTW, how is your short script going for your assignment?
Still trying to cramp a whole lawbook in a 5 minute short?
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