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Originally Posted by AcousticAl View Post
I did. After all the discussion (and resisting our critique) that went on last year, I was curious.

Youíre the director. Whatever happens, or doesnít happen, certainly falls on you. Nature of the beast, etc. But again these are lessons learned thatíll equip you better for the next one.

If heís shooting rap videos and itís not cinematography, heís shooting terrible rap videos. Just sayiní.
I wonít say terrible, you can check him out on IG at @globalfilmz but from what I see, itís like any other video.

Iíve grown to like natural light with contrast that has a documentary style to it. Thatís what my gf described my style as. Paul Greengrass, Wally Pfister, etc. I concur, it was a learning process to go forward.
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